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This page shares ideas for kids games and activities to help you focus on the “having fun” aspect of birthday parties.  There are also ideas passed along to us for “greener” loot bags.  This site does not endorse any of the products that may be advertised on the links below.  We’re just sharing ideas!

Party games and activities

Here are some party activities that have been passed along or used by kids on the Honour Roll:


This link has games for children under 5 years old.

This link has games for kids between 5 and 10 years old.  There are several games using balloons, which are not ideal from a purely environmental point of view.


Green loot bag ideas

The “greenest” options for loot bags is to simply not have any!  But for those who just don’t want to break with tradition, here are some ideas for more environmentally-friendly “loot bags” that have been passed along or used by kids on the Honour Roll (the assessment of “more environmentally-friendly” is left up to you – some of these items are maybe a little more useful than dollar store plastic toys):


Here’s a great page from a mom who put some thought into alternative loot bags.  She suggests things like carving a pumpkin and taking it home, making a CD of favourite kids tunes, children’s books from a sale bin, decorating t-shirts among others.


Here is some chat from Mothering magazine website about greener loot bag ideas.  There’s a mix of ideas – some greener than others.

We are not promoting the purchase of the party bags at this site, but there are some good combinations of items in these bag that may give you ideas for your own party.